Blue Mountains

Ah, the Blue Mountains, one of our favorite places to go hiking near Sydney! Wonderful, tranquil, lush green landscapes, dense eucalyptus forests, dramatic cliffs and deep valleys, rushing creeks and tall waterfalls. Named after the blue haze created by the vast number of eucalyptus trees, the Blue Mountains show you a face of Australia which is very different from Sydney, both typical and unique.

I’m in love with the Blue Mountains as much as I am with the coastline, and it tempts me back every few weekends. The number of viewpoints, waterfalls, canyons, swimming holes and bushwalks is incredible, and this is the place where I’m sharing my favorites. Some articles are written for first-time visitors, others are for families looking for easy hikes or nice, accessible lookouts, and some are for adventurous souls looking for secrets that deserve all the effort required to reach them.

No matter how much time I spend in the Blue Mountains, I can always be surprised. Naturally, I have tons of ideas to make you fall for them.

Here are the best places to visit in the Blue Mountains: