About Bea

My name is Bea Urmos and I’m madly in love with Australia.

I fell for it so hard that I’ve written a novel about it. It’s in Hungarian, because I was born and raised in Hungary. After moving from my tiny home town to Budapest, then to California, again to Budapest, then to British Columbia, I finally ended up in Sydney in 2023.

And I’m in love with quite a few other things, too, like traveling, hiking, reading, the sound of the waves, the taste of chocolate, the West Coast and my two favorite boys – my husband and my son. I don’t dream anymore, but I look straight ahead, because I have to, because I’m alive.

This website exists to bring you the best information to explore Sydney and New South Wales, whether you come here for a road trip or live here. Join me on stunning coastal walks, picturesque Sydney viewpoints, unique camping trips or canoeing on serene waters. Let’s find kangaroos, wallabies or wombats in the wild, and let’s marvel at the vibrant red waratahs and the dreamy purple jacarandas when they bloom.

Please join the New South Wales Travel Facebook group to be part of live discussions and have the chance to join group adventures in the future.

Nature in Australia is unlike anywhere else in the world, and I want you to fall for it like I did.

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