Best outdoor activities in New South Wales

What we love so much about living in New South Wales is that there’s a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy all year. Swimming might be the best between November and April, but beaches offer wonderful tide pools and coastal walks that connect them year-round. They’re also wonderful, large sandboxes for kids to play any time of the year and ideal scenes for romantic strolls (if you can get rid of the kids sometimes).

Canoeing is a year-round favorite activity that let us enjoy solitude and amazing views from the quiet waterways. The climate is suitable for pleasant camping year-round, and conditions are great even for pleasant tent camping, except for the three-four coldest months (May, June, July and August). And we enjoy the coastal walks, bushwalks or hiking trails in every season.

Before I repeat another dozen times that outdoor activities are delightful all year, let’s see the actual things to do and the actual places where you can do them. Here you can browse the best places to visit in New South Wales grouped by activities: