Welcome to Sydney, where the sun glimmers as the waves dance, skyscrapers reach above the Harbour and seagulls have an attitude, swooping down to snatch your fish and chips if you look away (and if you manage to save it from the seagulls, a Kookaburra will surely steal it).

And there’s something about Sydney that pulls you in (it surely pulled me in). Maybe the vibe which is like a perpetual weekend getaway. The people walking barefoot, with a surf board under their arm or with a book and nothing else in their hand. Coffee shops in endless numbers. Scenic ferry trips. And the beaches. Oh, the beaches! With golden sand, bronzed lifeguards and giant waves.

I can’t ever get bored with Sydney, and every time I wander on the streets, I explore a new secret corner. Or secret beach. Or a shy wallaby, hiding in the bush (yes, inside the city!).

Here you find all the best places to see in Sydney. Whether you’re here for a day or two, or you live here, I trust you’ll find something exciting:

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